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Earth Day is Coming; are YOU Ready? April 9, 2010

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April 22 is Earth Day.  2010 marks the 40th anniversary of the event.  What began as an environmental “teach-in” based on sit-ins of the 60’s to protest the Vietnam War is now a world-wide phenomenon that brings together non-profits, advocacy groups, educators, businesses, government officials and the general public.  While every Earth Day is important, on this, the 40th anniversary, it is even more worthwhile to look and this holiday and see what you can do for the sake of conservation.

No matter where you live there are probably one or more Earth Day activities taking place.  If not, why not organize your own?  Earth Day is the perfect day for the “conservation curious” to learn more about our natural world.  Go to a park you’ve never been to before and take a nature hike.  Plant a native tree in your backyard or donate one to a school near you.  Pick up trash and recycle the cans and bottles you find.  Read an environmentally-themed book like Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax to a group of kids.  Enroll in a science course at your local community college. 

No matter what you decide to do, share your experience with others, especially any young people you know.  Your enthusiasm for the natural world will be contagious and will spread to them.  In another 40 years those youths will share their love of Earth Day with their children or grandkids and the cycle will continue onward. 

There is the saying that “Earth Day is Everyday,” and that should be everyone’s motto.  Until that day, lend a hand toward conservation on April 22.


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