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Why I Love Kayaking June 27, 2014

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I’ve been doing so much writing and editing at work the past few weeks that I don’t have much motivation to blog on top of all that, but I’ll at least post a quick bit here since it’s been too long between posts…

I love kayaking. For many years I would rent one or borrow one from a friend. Then finally three years ago I bit the bullet and bought one of my own. Getting a good kayak isn’t cheap, especially when you throw in the roof rack, paddles, PFD and other gear. Hence my reluctance to swipe my credit card. But I did and it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

Why? Because kayaking is so awesome in many ways. For one, it is a nice form of exercise. I can see a difference in my arm and shoulder muscles by the end of the summer. How else can I strengthen them, with weight lifting? Ugh! You get to be outdoors, on the water. That’s an experience many people never have. There is something so peaceful about being in the middle of a river or lake. All the day’s troubles seem to disappear for a while. You can see lots of neat wildlife. I was once on the lake at Little Buffalo State Park when I saw something strange swimming on the surface of the water. I was clueless as to what it was at first, but then realized it was a muskellunge hunting (that’s a type of fish with scary, long teeth). Plus I’ve seen butterflies puddling along a creek, great blue herons hunting, dozens of turtles including some stacked on top of each other. A white-tailed deer scared me, as I scared it, paddling around the corner of a stream. I think I “eeked” as loudly as it grunted.

Kayaking can be enjoyable solo or in groups. When I just want to paddle around for a bit and unwind, I head for a nearby lake by myself. But what I really enjoy is getting a group of friends together to explore a new stretch or stream or river. What will we encounter? What fun stories will we share? On the water, you can learn a lot about your friends!

So if you’ve never been kayaking I highly recommend you go rent or borrow one, grab some pals, and get on the water. P.S. If you’ve been canoeing before and think, I didn’t enjoy that so I’m not going to try kayaking, think again. I’m not a huge fan of canoeing… it is more cumbersome, slow and reliant on having a partner that you can get in sync with. Kayaks offer much more independence, speed and fun. What are you waiting for?!


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