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Changing of the Seasons (and My Mindset) November 28, 2016

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I haven’t written in a while, mainly because I didn’t want to come across as extremely angry and depressed – both of which¬†are feelings that developed very late on November 8 and are still lingering in the background. The results of the election shocked me to my core and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it, but that’s not what I want to write about today.

It’s difficult to think of positive things right now, but I’ll give it my best shot, because we need some positivity, especially in light of the recently celebrated Thanksgiving and the upcoming winter holiday season.

I’m looking outside my window and I see blue skies with just a hint of clouds. There are a few remnants of red and orange leaves clinging to the tree beyond the glass. The boughs gently shake in the light breeze. The squirrels scamper up and down the tree trunk, as well as across the shingles of my roof. They stop to nibble on a dogwood tree berry or bury an acorn in the ground. Their biggest care is stockpiling enough food to survive the winter. I envy their one-track mindset whenever my brain starts swirling.

I’ll go for a walk down to the river today to see if there are any late-coming ducks or geese, migrating to some far off locale. Some might decide to stay, given the relatively mild weather, especially this year. A groundhog is cropping the grass along the walking path. A resident songbird flies over my head. The sunlight ripples across the slow-flowing river. Toward sunset the sky’s colors are amazing: red, purple, pink. It’s hard to believe it’s only 4:30 p.m…. it feels much more like bedtime.

At this time of year the days switch between the need for a light jacket to bundled up in wool. Scarf and gloves, or none? A quick stroll or a leisurely ramble? Seeing your breath on the air or not? I like the contradictions that the transition from fall to winter brings. Fall comes in all bright colors and woodsy scents. Winter takes over in stark greys and whites with crisp, almost metallic smells. There’s something positive and almost magical in the changing of seasons, we just have to be open to seeing it.